MES (Manufacturing Execution System), Chinese name is called "Manufacturing Execution System", is designed to help companies from receiving orders, production, process control until the product is complete, take the initiative to collect and monitor the Manufacturing process of production, to ensure that the product production quality applications.

By relation database (RDBMS), graphic user interface (BI), an Open architecture (Open Platform), such as information technology, the MES can be required to produce the core business such as order, supplier, content management, production, equipment maintenance, quality management process integration, such as the real-time production information on the factory production lines, as a Web or other notice accurately transmitted to the user to monitor the way, when the production activities of emergency incidents, can also provide on-site emergency information, and notify the user with the fastest speed. The purpose of the introduction of MES is to reduce the impact of unattached activities on the operation of the factory, thus improving the enterprise process and improving the production efficiency.

MES system is an environment is also an architecture, it will be real time information and other information systems (such as production process planning system), makes enterprises, factories or to link up the gap between the process control system. In automobile assembly parts, air conditioning, the pharmaceutical industry and electronic components and other high-tech industries, due to the complexity of mill site process, batch and batch, jump, outsourcing, single, single and other abnormal conditions is very frequent, made on traditional accounting, accounting as the starting point of the manufacturing related module of ERP system is difficult to do, and take account of the special operating layer from the factory manufacturing execution system arises at the historic moment. Enterprises after the use of MES can reduce the production cycle time, reduce in process (WIP), enhance the capacity of on time delivery, improve product quality, and reduce the production cost, increasing the total production surplus, is a high-tech and highly competitive industry survival tool.