To realize the whole process of production, storage, transportation, sales and after-sales tracking.

In the product automation assembly line and each processing process, the bar code is used as the main part of the bar code label. After the bar code reader collects and decodes, barcode information enters the computer service database. Each product and main component will have a unique barcode. No matter where the product goes, there is a record. If there is a problem, just read the bar code on the product, then you can transfer all relevant data of the product in the database, which greatly facilitates the product quality tracking and after-sales service.

Manual operation has become more and more difficult to adapt to the requirements of modern management in the new situation, and the introduction of computer technology and barcode technology into the field of production traceability system has become an inevitable trend. Barcode information management system.

If the original production quality can only be used for the on-site product traceability system, if the finished product is out of the warehouse, it cannot continue to trace the quality of its products, the producers of each process, the quality inspector and so on. Modern management requires enterprises to provide customers with more information and personalized services.